Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Capsule of a Year

I was looking at some of the family's blogs and realized except for KT, CC and BDN, no one has posted in a year! A lot has happened in a year: BDN has returned from his Mission, I have gone back to school and completed the Composites program, Timmy received his call and left on his mission and Matt and Jessi have gotten married! A year full of great joy and happiness for a Mother!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Now that I only have 1 job, things I'd like to do with my time!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scrapbooking. !

So my sweet mother in law, offered me a bunch of scrapbooking stuff from a basket my brother in law won from simply scrapping and stamping up, when we looked through this stuff there must have been close to $500 or more worth of stuff, but my mother in law was clueless what to do with the stuff so I showed her my scrapbooking pages online, I had forgotten how much fun it was, so I have set a goal to get busy again, wish me luck!

Monday, May 2, 2011

My adventures with cultured foods!

Recently I have been experiencing a lot of aches and pains that when searching for a cause came to the conclusion that I was either suffering from Fibermyalgia or Rheumatoid Arthritis, both of which are autoimmune disorders. I was at the store one day and saw an article in a magazine at the checkout stand talking about the the benefits of Cultured foods and the boast they give to the immune system, since I don't have health insurance I thought I'd give it a try, unfortunately finding the items in the store was very expensive, because they are not processed and therefore have a relatively short shelf life compare to things that have been homogenized or heat processed. So I went to work and got information and recipes online and started making my own, the good news is while I am eating both these items everyday preferably at each meal, I have felt great with few or no symptoms, but when I stop eating these items the symptoms return! It has been very educational for me and I have come to realize many benefits that Culturing raw vegatables have, one big one is the taste and how gentle the Cultured foods are on my stomach!

Cultured Milk, much like yogurt or butter milk in taste, but full of good bacteria and lactose free! I use it like milk on granola or in a smoothie with fruit and sweetened with Stevia. If purchased at the Store it is called Kefir and costs $3.76 and up per quart, with a start I make my own for about the same price as regular milk!

Homemade Kimchi and Cultured veggies, the live cultures are found naturally in cabbage and cucumbers, Kimchi bought in the store is about $5.46 a pint, made myself I can get about 2 quarts or more for that price.

Monday, February 28, 2011

An Incredible Weekend!

We had such a wonderful weekend! It started out with us traveling down to the Timpanogos Temple and on Friday morning meeting family and friends to be Sealed for time and all Eternity, as you can see we woke up to a blizzard and all was white as we arrived!

Afterwards as we came out the skies had cleared somewhat and we were treated by my Mom and Dad to the Olive Garden for Lunch before we traveled down to Vegas.

The trip to Vegas was great, no real weather problems as was anticipated and we arrived at My Big Son's and The Wife's house at about 6:30 Vegas time, Luke and Logan were there to help us babysit while Big Son and his Wife when on a date! It was lots of fun and the boys stayed up pretty late.
We woke up the next morning and got ready for Cynthia's Baby shower, which was amazing Big Son's Wife did an incredible job,

after cleaning up and resting Big Son, Obpa and I went to see Timmy's Play "The Wizard of Oz", he was the Tin man and I think he found a real talent as he was great in his role!

Sunday was spent watching the boys, cuz they were still recovering from being sick while mom and dad went to Stake Conference, Obpa was sick too, so we had lots of fun spending time with them, then afterwards the rest of the day was spent visiting with family before leaving for home! I would like to thank My Big Son and his Wife for their hospitality, not only is Big Son a great dad, he is a wonderful husband and I am so proud of him, and his wife, well a mother could not ask for a more perfect wife for her son, she is amazing! Thanks everyone for making our special Weekend unforgettable!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So I look like a geek!

I got my new Glasses/bifocals on Saturday, but was so sick with a head cold, I couldn't bring myself to take a picture to post, finally I felt okay enough yesterday to do so, however still not feeling as well as I hope to be and looking as good as I hope to look in these glasses, you can't really tell in the picture, but the frames are a purple color, I love them so far, didn't realize everything I was missing out on by not being able to see, especially with as bad of astigmatism that I have!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You know you're getting old when.......

You walk out the door, slip on the ice and break your leg!

If you don't dye your hair everywhere you go they ask you if you want the senior discount!

or you go to the eye doctor and he says you need bifocals or even perhaps trifocals!

I haven't even worn my glasses for about 10 years and for the hair, well I guess I am vain, cuz I prefer the positive attention I get from dying it (even if I can't afford to have it highlighted, which is my favorite), opposed to the comments I get about being 60 or something! As for the fall on the ice, I guess I don't have Osteoporosis yet, because alls that got bruised was my ego and the palm of my hand as in the picture above, oh yeah my knee does hurt and swelled a bit, but after a good nights sleep, still no visible bruise and the swelling is gone!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Monday, November 8, 2010

Something is Fishy at the Watt's House!

Things started to become fishy around our house shortly after a camping trip with one of the homes I work for, we went to Pineview Reservoir and camped for a couple of nights with our boys, they like to fish so we decided to get our license and fish with them. That trip was not the most successful, I caught a 10 inch Bass and Darin caught the second picture shown here. After getting back from camp we went fishing on Labor day and I caught a couple of various types small fish and then we tried to fish at a pond nearby without any luck. then I started fishing about once a week with the boys at work and was pretty sucessful catching trout. We decided to go fishing and camping for our Anniversary and were not sucessful there either we were down in Utah county and didn't really know the area, but when we started fishing back in the Ogden area I was sucessful, Darin was at school most the time and felt left out and even at one point was ready to give it up, but after October Conference we tried fishing with a fly and guess what Darin out fished me and decided he liked fishing after all.....below are a few pics of our catches!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

For those of you who don't know it, here in Utah the big Celebration part of the 4th was done on the 3rd this year because of it falling on a Sunday. Well we were in the computer room on the computer writing letters to family, when we were hearing all kinds of cheering and excitement outside, we finally decided that we had to go see what was going on, when we went out, on our small little street we were surprised to see probably at least 100 people lined up watching as our neighbors (mostly Spanish speaking) were putting on their firework Celebration. We live in a pretty poor part of town and I have to say I have never quite seen anything like this and it touched my heart to see the Celebration put on by sacrifice and gratitude that these fine people have for this country! In a time where there is so much negative attention given to the state of our country, I would like to express my gratitude that Our Heavenly Father prepared this promised land as a place where ALL his children could gather and his gospel could go forth and bless the Earth. I pray that we will all be grateful for the freedoms we enjoy here and that we will do our part to insure that those freedoms remain a blessing to this country!

Please note I put a disclaimer on this photo....do not try this on your own! So okay maybe my neighbor is a bit crazy too.....everyone liked it....not sure it was legal though!